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Songwriting Session

Collaboration is the key to success and survival in the music industry. Charlie is the master at enhancing an artist's voice, helping define their style, and crafting thoughts and stories into lyrics. Collaborting is about combining sensibilities to find the heart and soul that eminates from the artist.  


To apply for a songwriting session with Charlie you must submit two samples of work along with a statement about what you're goals are, what you feel your strengths are, and what artists you admire. 

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"In all my years of writing music with other artists and songwriters I've never met someone quite like Charlie Midnight. Charlie understands artists, creates an environment where you get deep into the heart of the song to write something authentic and doesn't settle for a single word. This dedication to the art makes working with Charlie rewarding and inspiring.


I've learned so much from my collaborations with Charlie and through having him as a mentor. He raises the bar, cuts through the bullshit and his guidance in the music business is invaluable."

- Natalie Gelman (singer/songwriter)

"Charlie has mentored me for almost ten years now. His belief in me these past years has made my confidence as an artist flourish. I feel very grateful to have such a special guiding light in my life. He is an incredible songwriter and continues to inspire me."

- Emma Stevens (singer/songwriter)

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