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Learn how to survive and thrive in the music industry or any industry of your choosing.

Charlie speaks about songwriting as a meditation on following your muse and developing your strengths.  Music has provided Charlie with his career but his philosophies and thoughts can help anyone inany career. Career paths may be different but the elements he discusses in his lecture are universal and can help anyone get through their struggles and ultimately achieve success. In a field with a comparatively short career life expectancy, Charlie draws his opinions from thirty years of working as a songwriter and record producer with more than a few notable achievements. From this he presents the elements and strategies that he believes will help you transcend the pitfalls, setbacks, naysayers, and self-doubts that can stymie you.

After hearing his lecture, you’ll leave with an enhanced understanding of the music industry and an ignited drive to follow your passion.  

“Dear Charlie, on behalf of myself, Jeff, and the entire Institute thank you for all of the time and energy you put into making today not only possible but fabulous. We are so lucky to have you as a friend of the program - our students have benefitted so much. You truly have been an inspiration.” - Nikki Mirasola  (NYU Clive Davis)

“Charlie’s lecture the other night was one of the most inspiring speeches I have heard in quite some time- and the emails and feedback he received from my students was absolute proof.”

- Bruce Perlmutter (Professor, Syracuse University and SVP of Condé Nast)

“Charlie, that ambition and drive and willingness to never stop until you get what you want is something I call a person’s pilot light. When that pilot light gets ignited, there is no stopping the furnace from burning. I must say, you have poured gasoline all over my pilot light.”

- JP Amato (Student, Syracuse University)

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